More good news for Linux. Not only is it incredibly bug free when compared to other software of its class, it has now been revealed that it is lasting longer and longer against net attacks. Unpatched Linux systems are surviving longer on the Internet before being compromised, with the average Linux system lasting three months before being finally beaten. This is a great improvement from the measurement of 72 hours back in 2001.

The results are probably due to two trends. The default installations of new Linux systems are much more secure than previous versions of the open-source operating system. Secondly, attackers seem to be much more concentrated on Windows systems than on Linux systems, and on attempting to fool desktop users, of which the vast majority use Windows.

So things are going well for Linux on the security front. It’s a shame that not the same thing can be said for Windows, which is apparently getting easier and easier to crack into. Unpatched Windows systems continue to be compromised more quickly, sometimes within minutes.