Gigabyte has announced a new motherboard that lets users combine any two graphics cards. Only Nvidia's SLI technology currently is available (given that Alienware's Video Array as well as ATI's Multi Rendering are still in the works) but it's nice to see that the option is open. Gigabyte, who wanted to provide the first dual PCI Express for Intel processors, were stuck that Nvidia's SLI does not officially support Intel yet, and so came up with the idea of combining two graphic cards, and so the new mobo allows users to combine any current and future PCI Express cards.

According to a spokesperson, Gigabyte engineers were able to "make the 915P chipset function like a SLI feature". The company did not disclose many details, but said that the patent pending design makes use of the PCI Express lane from the South Bridge to support an additional graphics card. The new motherboard also supports up to four displays.