Another strain of malware affecting Symbian smart phones? Could it really be true? Yes, indeed, and it looks like these kinds of malware problems could be set to rise for such devices. Less than a month after the "Skulls" trojan started doing the rounds, now there is a new threat.

The malware, named Lasco.A, spreads itself by searching all SIS installation files in the infected device, and inserts itself as an embedded SIS file into them.

Like the previously released Cabir, Lasco.A is a worm that runs in Symbian mobile phones that support the Series 60 platform. The two worms are based on the same source code and replicate over Bluetooth connections.

It is believed that the worm originates from the same author as the most recent versions of Cabir, however the source code for Cabir has been available on the internet for a few weeks so it is possible that this was the work of someone else.