Is the Linux kernel being re-written in order to avoid 27 Microsoft patents that the operation system supposedly breaks? The Open Source Development labs have denied that they are working with IBM and Intel in order to do massive rewrites of the Linux kernel in order to avoid future legal action, despite rumours to the contrary.

A report in Linux Business Week had claimed that the re-write was part of a programme dubbed 'Operation Open Gates' and would go public on January 25.

However, an OSDL spokesperson that the whole thing was a "bunch of nonsense" and there was no programme called Open Gates.

Meanwhile, things are looking good for Linux on the security front, with security experts reporting that Linux systems are getting tougher for hackers to crack.

On average, Linux systems today take three months to fall prey to hackers, up from 72 hours in equivalent tests conducted between 2001 and 2002.

"Default installations of Linux distributions are getting harder to compromise." - IT security testing organisation Honeynet Project report.

Finally, you can go here for a sneak preview of GNOME 2.10.