Linus Torvalds once led a ragtag band of software geeks. Not anymore. Here's an inside look at how the unusual Linux business model increasingly threatens Microsoft

Sony missed out on potential sales from MP3 players and other gadgets because it was overly proprietary about music and entertainment content, the head of Sony Corp's video-game unit acknowledged last Thursday.

Abit reaches tentative agreement with creditor banks.

eXeem 0.20 Public Beta is now out, it does not contain spyware apparently but it's ad supported.

Western Digital said Wednesday it would enter the 1-inch disk drive market later this year, crowding an already congested market.

First Look: Apple's Mac Mini - Low-priced Mac starter system has enough oomph to do most jobs.

Intel Says New Mobile Chip Equals High-End Pentium 4 in Performance - Sources say company plans to make Pentium M processor the backbone of its chip designs.