Napster is looking to expand into selling movies online. Currently offering music downloads, Napster is looking to expand into offering movies alongside its current catalogue of some one million music tracks.

"We are currently considering moving into video, particularly to tap the younger video-game generation. I do think that while there are huge players in the delivery of movies like Sky, there could be a role for Napster." - Napster CEO Chris Gorog.

With the coming of faster and faster broadband speeds, movie download services may indeed be coming of age. It's already taken off to a small, limited degree, with MovieLink and CinemaNow selling films via the web at modest prices. Napster now wants in on the action, apparently. A movie download industry is predicted by analysts to do well, especially given the prevalence of illegal movie downloads at present. People obviously want to get movies off of the internet, now Napster and others want to legitimately make available a service providing this.