Apparently an unpublished AMD processor roadmap has been leaked, and has found it way onto The roadmap details AMD processors in the desktop space for 2006, with such exotic codenames as Windsor, Orleans and Manilla. AMD's official roadmap only extends into this year, and does not mention what's new in 2006.

If the image is genuine, then Windsor is a dual-core processor, supporting DDR2, that will succeed the 90nm Toledo, which is the successor to the high-end AMD Athlon 64 FX chips. An 'M2' socket will replace the Toledo's socket 939.

Appearing in the first quarter of 2006, it will apparently feature elements of 'virtualisation', which presumably is AMD's response to Intel's Vanderpool technology.

Orleans, alternatively, is due to appear in the first three months of 2006 and is the DDR2 supporting successor to the 90nm Venice. Manilla, however, is the future of the Sempron processors, catering to the budget end of the market. It also supports DDR2 and the new socket type.

Remember, of course, that all of this is unconfirmed and may indeed turn out to be complete and utter nonsense.