Update: You can download Exeem Lite from our local server as well.

Spyware is probably as much of a pet hate for you as it is for us. There's something so infuriating about it. Popular P2P app eXeem (recently entered into public beta) has turned out to be contaminated with said Spyware, which is a big shame considering how clever that software is. Thankfully, eXeem Lite, a certified Spyware free app, has made it way onto the net. But for how long?

Enjoy it while you can. History suggests it's a matter of time before the developers of eXeem sue the developers of eXeem Lite - or try to exclude users from the P2P network. That's what happened with a Kazaa Lite, remember?

This new "Lite" version is 1.9MB compared to 2.5MB, and should deliver the goods without all this search hijacking and pop-up ad nonsense. Just don't expect it to be around for long... remember Kazaa Lite?