Is Saddam Hussein dead? Well, he certainly is in virus land, where a recently spotted worm has been coaxing users into infecting their machines with promises of "death pictures" of Saddam. Known as Bobax-H, the worm uses infected email attachments posing as photographs of the former Iraqi dictator, seemingly obtained during some failed escape attempt. Its almost funny - until you infect your machine.

Emails generated by Bobax-H come with a variety of message texts including: "Saddam Hussein - Attempted Escape, Shot dead. Attached some pics that i found". Other variations in subject lines used by the worm claim to have pictures of a captured Osama Bin Laden.

If a user actually runs one of the infected attachments, then they effectively load a backdoor email relay module onto their PCs. This is then used for - you guessed it - spam! The virus is currently spreading slowly throughout cyberspace.