Napster will be launching its new download service under the name of Napster To Go. This service will allow users to download music bought from the service directly onto portable MP3 players.

Pretty original, eh? Well, in fact not, because this is basically iTunes. Or is it? Napster says not, and that in fact the Napster To Go service is superior to iTunes in many ways. Subscribers can, for example, download as many songs as they want for a flat monthly fee of $14.95.

"Napster To Go provides infinitely greater value and is much more exciting than the iTunes pay-per-download model. This is what consumers want and Napster is once again proud to lead the industry by being the first in the world to offer this revolutionary new way to enjoy music." - Napster Chairman/CEO Chris Gorog.

Apparently, we will start to see all sorts of "Works With Napster To Go" logos on the packaging of many MP3 players compatible with the new service. Napster is claiming that its "fee for as many songs as you want" model is much better value to the consumer than the iTunes model. We will just have to wait and see.