Nvidia's upcoming Pentium 4-oriented chipset - C19 (aka 'Crush 19'), as it is also known - has been added to the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG)'s list of PCI Express-compliant products. This means that the product has completed the rigorous testing procedures of the Compliance Workshop, and will ship this quarter with the blessing of the Special Interest Group. The prospects of a successful launch, at a time that is on target for Nvidia, has also been made more likely with Nvidia winning a P4 bus licence from Intel in November 2004.

C19 is expected to support both 800MHz and 1066MHz frontside bus speeds, along with Intel's 64-bit technology, EM64T. Expect HyperThreading and Extended SpeedStep support in there too, and possible dual-core provision as well. Nvidia's own dual-card SLI technology is likely to be incorporated, along with the chip maker's Gigabit Ethernet, RAID, Firewall and network security sub-systems, not to mention all the usual drive and peripheral interfaces. It goes without saying that PCI Express is in there too.