Viagra spam is not just annoying to you and me when we open our e-mail inbox, it is annoying to the people who sell Viagra as well. Pfizer, the Viagra maker, has teamed up with Microsoft to fight spam. Pfizer said it has lost millions of dollars in illegal and replicated Viagra sales, and has a big interest in seeing spam in general cut down - certainly Viagra spam anyway. Microsoft says it has been highlighting the problem of spam for some time. It looks like legal action is the name of the game, with Microsoft and Pfizer looking around for people to take to court.

Pfizer filed the lawsuits after seven months of investigation, in which it narrowed its efforts on two pharmacies - CanadianPharmacy and E-Pharmacy Direct. Microsoft, on the other hand, filed civil lawsuits against Viagra spammers and advertisers that use Spam mail to promote their replicated pills.

Pfizer reported that majority of illegal Viagra websites are shadier then they seem. Some of these so-called "pharmacies" are registered under identity theft victims and sometimes operate from third world countries, such as India; at least that's the case with CanadianPharmacy.