HP is taking a new approach to battling viruses on the corporate network. Instead of relying on existing virus signatures provided by third parties, which renders anti-virus solutions ineffective at protecting against new viruses, new HP anti-virus solutions will detects abnormal, virus-like behaviour and will slow down the number of different connections an infected machine can make. This will buy support staff time to investigate and deal with the problem.

Virus Throttle monitors network connection requests and detects abnormal activity of the type typically exhibited by a worm or virus that is attempting to propagate itself within a network. The faster a virus tries to spread itself, the faster Virus Throttle reacts - and it reacts automatically, typically in milliseconds, without waiting for human attention.

Virus Throttle is designed to run without interference to normal system or networking operation and only affects the viral process while all normal traffic continues unimpeded.

Once a worm or virus is detected, Virus Throttle inhibits it from making network connections and thus chokes off its ability to propagate. Virus Throttle flags the presence of the worm or virus to the system administrator, who can then take the appropriate action to remove it from the system.