The DeCSS software has helped many DVDs to be ripped, thanks to its defeat of CSS - the copy protection system used for DVD media, which is implemented in chipsets inside DVD players. The release of DeCSS some years ago changed DVDs forever, making them easy to copy. But now, Macrovision is fighting back.

Today, Macrovision have announced the release of RipGuard DVD, which can plug the "digital hole" created by the DeCSS software. RipGuard DVD is a content protection system that requires no extra software or hardware to work, and can be immediately incorporated into PCs, DVD players or DVD recorders.

"Macrovision RipGuard DVD is designed to dramatically reduce DVD ripping and the resulting supply of illegal P2P content. For over two decades, Macrovision has provided the premier solution for device-to-device copying using DVD players, VCRs, DVD recorders, digital video recorders, digital set-top boxes and media center PCs. Ultimately, we see RipGuard DVD and the ACP framework evolving beyond anti-piracy, and towards enablement of legitimate on-line transactions, interoperability in tomorrow's digital home, and the upcoming high definition formats." - Steve Weinstein of Macrovision.