Red Hat has launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V.4. Aimed at winning even more customers over from the Sun side to the enlightened world of Linux, the new OS has support for SELinux - the security enhanced linux that contains some features of trusted operating systems. RHEL V.4 also comes with the 2.6 kernel - hardly news in the Linux world, but news for Red Hat, since this is their first product built around this new kernel.

More than 750 systems are certified for RHEL 4 from the likes of IBM, HP and Dell. It runs on Intel's Xeon and Itanium based chips, as well as AMD64, IBM POWER and more. Hundreds of applications are also going through the certification process.

RHEL 4 with its 2.6 kernel also brings improvements to its desktop sibling in the form of plug-and-play USB device recognition, better wireless support and improved power management features to boost battery life in mobile devices.