"Paris Hilton...download it!"

If you see these words as the subject line in an e-mail, please do yourself a favour and think before you download. Delete that mail immediately, because (surprise, surprise!) it's infected with a virus.

Two very different worms have been discovered, both of which claim to contain adult footage of the society heiress. Much as I am sure the temptation to download this will prove too much to take for many of us, its probably best if you don't.

Sober-K, which is spreading in the wild, mails itself using a variety of subject lines including 'Paris Hilton, pure!' and 'Paris Hilton SexVideos'.

The worm can send itself in either German or English, depending on whether it believes the recipient's email address to be owned by a German or English speaker.

The second infection, Ahker-C, sends itself using the subject line 'Paris Hilton...download it!' and an attached file called 'ParisXXX.zip'.

The latter worm has some nasty tricks up its sleeve. It will attempt to disable antivirus and firewall software running on the computer, and will block access to a number of websites.

Paris Hilton, who is apparently "the most commonly searched for female celebrity on the internet" has also again been in technology news recently, but for a different reason. It appears that her cell phone was hacked into, and that hackers broke into her phone address book, and published the private telephone numbers of celebrities such as Anna Kournikova, Lindsay Lohan and Vin Diesel.

The Drudge Report said it confirmed the authenticity of many of the numbers and e-mail addresses, including those of rapper Eminem, actor Vin Diesel, actress Lindsay Lohan, singers Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson, and tennis players Andy Roddick and Anna Kournikova.