Nokia has denied earlier reports that it had moved wholesale to Firefox from Internet Explorer. The story, which was first reported by an IDG reporter, has been refuted by a Nokia representative, according to LinuxInsider. However, there is no smoke without fire, and it is clear that Nokia have been looking seriously at Firefox for some time.

While the mobile device maker denies reports appearing in the press today, it is true that Nokia has been eyeing Firefox for some time. The company funded Minimo, a cell phone Latest News about cell phone browser project at Mozilla, in 2004, but executives declined to discuss the details of its investment.

What cannot be denied is that Firefox is becoming an increasing threat to IE, as it gathers popularity, credibility and momentum.

Firefox is already the second most popular Web browser in Europe, with 5.51 percent of the market share at the end of November 2004, according to German Web advertising firm Adtech AG.

With the recent European Union court order forcing Microsoft to remove Internet Explorer from its Windows bundle in the 25-nation block, analysts said more corporations could soon be making the switch.