Zafi.d, the mass-mailing Christmas e-card virus just refuses to lie down and die. It is still dominating the virus charts, causing chaos and mayhem in its path. People are STILL opening this nonsense up, thinking that it’s a nice Christmas message, or something. But, of course, what is really waiting for users who do so is a Trojan horse program that gives hackers remote control of an infected PC. So, unless you want to become someone else's bitch, don't bother opening this, or anything else like it.

"It looks like the Zafi-D worm is going to be hanging around like a bored teenager for some time to come. Bagle-BK is the latest incarnation of the Bagle family of worms to make an impact, fooling many people to open its unsolicited email attachment. User education, good anti-virus software, and a sensible email policy can make worms like this an irrelevance." - Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos.