The first 2.5-inch 120 GByte harddrive is here, thanks to Fujitsu. They have made plans to premiere the drive this week. Known as the MHV2120AT, the HDD offers low power consumption, a low noise level as well as a robust build quality. The drive will reach OEMs in May of this year. Hopefully, this will set a new storage standard for notebooks.

Fujitsu believes that many notebook users request for the same capacity, features and reliability from their harddrive as they do from a desktop drive, since large amounts of data are carried along on business trips. The device consumes 1.6 watts during read and write processes and 0.5 watts when idle. The MHV2120AT can resist impacts of up to 900 Gs (8820 m/s2) when idle and up to 300 Gs (2940 m/s2) during operation. The drive also reaches up to 600,000 load/unload cycles.

This kind of innovation is more than welcome. I can handle my laptop having less processing power, less graphical abilities, but poor quantities of hard disk space does not cut it. Decent amounts of RAM have been available for laptops for a while, but not disk space. This innovation from Fujitsu will hopefully lead the way to higher and higher storage capacities being available to laptops.