Yet another mobile phone virus! This time, its known as Dampig-A, discovered just a few days ago. This new virus will attempt to trick users into downloading it by posing as the cracked version of the FSCaller application. It is capable of infecting Symbian Series 60 smartphones.

The Trojan (a malicious SIS file dropper) disables some built-in applications and third party file managers and attempts to install variants of the Cabir worm onto infected handsets. "None of the Cabir variants installed on the phone will start automatically, but some of the applications that are replaced with Cabir executables, such as Messaging application, will be most likely called and thus executed by the user," notes Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure.

Although users of mobiles should be aware of the increasing number of viruses targeting such devices, threats like Dampig are rare, and are largely confined to people frequenting 'warez' sites.