Novell have demonstrated the latest version of their SUSE Linux Professional operating system at CeBIT. The new OS, which should be here by mid April, is built upon the 2.6.11 kernel and offers support for the latest KDE 3.4 and GNOME 2.10 desktop environments. There is also a sneak preview of things to come with the XEN virtualization environment. Additionally, there is also better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection software, souped-up PDA and phone synchronization and enhanced Voice over IP support. Whether you have a regular 32-bit CPU, or an AMD Athlon 64, SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 will support your chip.

Here’s what you get: Multiple development Tools: Mono(R) 1.1.4; KDevelop 3.2; Eclipse 3.0.1; OS built upon the Linux kernel 2.6.11; Multiple intuitive desktop environments: Latest KDE 3.4 and GNOME* 2.10; Firefox 1.0 Web browser; e-mail and instant messaging clients (supporting AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Novell, GroupWise, Instant Messenger); Office suite: 2.0 (works with Microsoft Office documents); F-Spot photo organizer, the GIMP 2.2 and Inkscape graphics programs, multimedia viewers; CD/DVD burners; Integrated firewall, spam blocker and virus scanner; Apache Web server, SAMBA, CUPS, DHCP, DNS and popular open source databases; Improved Wifi connections and Bluetooth devices, PDA and phone synchronization; Robust Virtualization; Voice over IP support.