There are plans from Intel to cut Pentium M processor prices by up to 33.6 per cent. Now, could this be something to do with the recent launch of AMD's Turion 64 mobile CPU? Well, it would be a very big coincidence if not.

The cuts will be applied across the mid- and high-ends of the Pentium M line. This will mean everything from the new 770 down to the 735.

What's really leading the price cuts is the Q3 launch of the 2.2GHz PM 780. Intel usually reduces the prices of other chip-family members when it introduces a new product to the line-up, and the expected PM cuts appear no different. According to the report, the launch and the price cuts will be made on Sunday, 24 July.

Meanwhile, Turion 64 chips are already shipping.

Turion 64 chips are already shipping, with notebooks based on the parts set to arrive over the coming month. AMD announced the new mobile processor in January, formally launching the first seven models last week. Even with the price cuts, Intel's mobile processors are more expensive that its rival's, ranging from $423 to $209, compared to $354 to $189 for the Turion line-up.