Gigabyte is to announce a second dual-GPU card next week. Boasting two GeForce 6600 processors, the card will be called 3D1-XL, and instead of using GeForce 6600GT processors in a SLI tandem, it will be based on the basic 6600 - a processor that is not officially announced to support SLI so far. This will allow Gigabyte to release a product that is very reasonably priced.

Pricing will be approximately 24 percent below the price of an ATI 850XT which hints to a range between $380 and $400, including Gigabyte's GA-K8N Ultra-SLI motherboard. The manufacturer apparently tested the board internally and achieved higher benchmark results than the X850 XT. The 3DMark 2003 score is said to be slightly above 13,000 points while the ATI board ended up at around 12,750 in a comparable test environment.