Recently, we reported that the PyMusique problem had been fixed by Apple, and that PyMusique was no longer able to be used by people to buy music from the ITunes Music Store without using ITunes itself. Now, in a bizarre twist, the creators of PyMusique have hacked Apple's fix and once again users are able to download songs without DRM.

PyMusique is a software program for Windows and Linux operating systems that enabled users to buy music through the ITunes Music Store without using Apple's ITunes software. It has two features which made it remarkable: It allowed you to re-download songs without having to pay for them again, and it downloaded songs without encrypting them using FairPlay, Apple's Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology--songs bought using PyMusique could be played back by any computer or portable device capable of recognize AAC-formatted files.

Meanwhile, Neowin has caught up with Cody Brocious, one of the coders behind the PyMusique software.

Tom Graham :
Right. So asides from the obvious, how do you stand on the DRM issue? Why do you think that Apple should sell the songs without DRM?

Cody :
I believe that content owners/distributors have the right to apply DRM, just like people have the right to remove it. Personally, I don't mind the DRM being there as I’m an iPod user. If Apple put the DRM on server-side, we'd leave it there. We simply want to buy files. It wasn't a DRM issue until people started making it one. It's not about DRM in the least, really.