A recall has been announced of 47,000 Thomson Portable DVD player batteries, in response to 11 reports made to Thomson of batteries overheating and five reports of batteries exploding. There are also two reports of consumers actually being injured by the defective batteries, when they tried to pick up the batteries after they exploded.

Only batteries used with the RCA portable DVD players with model number DRC600N are being recalled. The DRC600N model DVD player with the battery attached is about 7½-inches wide, 5½-inches deep, and 2-inches high. The cabinet housing is plastic, except for a metal "skin" on the top of the player. The metal "skin" is silver colored, and the rest of the DVD player is tan or dark gray. The logo "RCA LiFE," along with the words "DVD VIDEO" are printed on the top of the DVD Player. The battery attaches to the bottom of the DVD player.

The effected products were sold in the US between September 2002 and July 2003. Any customers who feel that they have bought the defective products should not attempt to use them, and not attempt to charge them. Instead, they should contact Thomson Inc. for a free replacement battery immediately.