Sony's newly launched PlayStation Portable handheld gaming console seems a little troubled by an issue over the dead/frozen pixels that are apparently plaguing the device, and the coverage that the warranty gives over that. Basically, Sony put forward the notion that it did not consider dead pixels to be something covered under the standard one-year warranty. However, Sony has now reversed this stance, and is quite willing to replace PSP with bad pixels.

"The Sony rep suggested that PSP owners who encounter the pixel issue should try the device 'for a week or two' to see if it continues to bother them. 'If you find the spots are interfering with gameplay/video viewing during this period, we will support the various elements of [the PSP] warranty,' the rep said. Each PSP comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is on page 125 of the PSP manual. If a PSP is 'determined to be defective' by SCEA, the company will see to the 'repair or replacement of this product [the PSP] with a new or refurbished product at SCEA's option.'"