In an attempt to bring mainframe-class features to Windows and Linux users, Fujitsu Ltd. has unveiled two new servers that were more than two years in development. The PrimeQuest 480 and PrimeQuest 440 systems are designed to support as many as 32 processors, and when Intel launches its first dual-core Itanium processor later in the year, the 32-processor systems will support as many as 64 processing engines. The PrimeQuest 480 is a 32-processor system that will ship with as much as 512GB of memory, whilst the PrimeQuest 440 will house as many as 16 processors and 256GB of memory.

"The PrimeQuest is the next generation of mainframe. However, this mainframe is different from the current legacy mainframes," said Fujitsu Corporate Executive Vice President Chiaki Ito at a press conference in San Francisco yesterday.