Intel is saying that it is pretty confident about WiMAX, and that it should become a new standard. In fact, they believe that it will become a global standard, and that great economies of scale will ensue when people release more that the technology is something to be confident in.

[Sean Maloney, general manager of Intel's mobility group] said Intel's feeling is that we're heading towards a global WiMAX standard and will see economies of scale. Signals, he said, penetrate better than people expected and there's a growing confidence people will give coverage.. He said that Intel is arguing that spectrum for WiMAX should be technologically agnostic because something better than WiMAX may come along. In Europe the argument revolves around 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz, he said, but Intel is from a camp that says more is better. We're impatient but a government around the world is going to lead on this. Korea is already leading on WiMAX at 2.49GHz. It has allocated WiMAX spectrum already, he said.