Determined again to make criminals of our young people, the RIAA has decided to pick on some more college students, with a fresh round of lawsuits. This time, it’s the turn of a grand total of 405 students at 18 colleges across the USA. 25 of the students are from Princeton University. The issue at hand here seems to be the alleged misuse of the Internet2 technology, which we recently reported on. The RIAA have vowed not to let Internet2 become "a zone of lawlessness where the normal rules don't apply."

Mr. Sherman said only the most "egregious" offenders are being targeted in this round of suits, and, when asked, wouldn't disclose the RIAA's methods for tracking the alleged illegal activity by targeted students. "We don't give out that information, because our investigative techniques wouldn't be as effective if everybody knew what they were," he said.

In addition to the 18 campuses where students are being sued, the RIAA said it has evidence of improper activities using i2hub at 140 other schools in 41 states. Letters are being sent to the presidents of these schools alerting them to the illegal activity occurring on their campuses, the RIAA said.

The RIAA said it has opted to limit the number of lawsuits to 25 per school at this time. Some users sued this week allegedly have shared as many as 13,600 MP3 files and as many as 72,700 total files — files containing audio, software and video, according to the RIAA.