Seemingly the world's largest capacity notebook hard drive, and also the first SATA hard drive for laptops, the new 120GB 2.5in hard drive from Seagate has been released. Currently, the drive only spins at 5400rpm, but if you are willing to drop to 100GB, there is another 7200rpm model. The company claims that the drive only uses as much energy as a typical 4500rpm drive, and that it can stand 900G of non-operating shock or 250G of operating shock. There is no word yet on availability, or a suitable price.

Both the Momentus 5400.2 (250GB) and the 7200.1 (100GB) are offered in 1.5GBps Serial ATA with native command queuing, Seagate said. To date, Momentus drives have adopted the Ultra ATA 100 connection bus. The company is also offering a 120GB drive running at 4200rpm. All three products come with a five-year warranty.