The version of Suse Linux 9.3 optimized for professional usage will be launched today. Offering advanced tools for experienced users, the new OS aims to continue to present a simple installation procedure and a damn stable OS.

This is the latest Linux distribution and has a price tag of 99.95 USD for which you get the operating system, over 3,000 open source applications, among which many are desktop applications, documentations and installing support. The applications include OpenOffice, the star browser FireFox, instant messaging applications, image and photograph organizers, and programs for viewing video content.

Owners of 64-bit platforms will be pleased to know that there is full 64-bit support, as the OS will run very happily on AMD Athlon 64 processors and Intel Extended Memory 64bit. If you are thinking about trying Linux out, you could do a lot, lot worse. A fine product.