My Mother has adopted two young girls, one is aged 4 and the other is aged 8 now. I know that I (never mind my Mother) would go completely spare if we found out that they had been exposed to sex, violence or anything distasteful before they were old enough to see something like that. I am not a prude, and recall myself watching horror movies and the like at the age of about 14, but when it comes to under 12s, its just not right to take any chances. Many other people in the world feel exactly the same.

Hopefully, a new bill dubbed the "Family Entertainment and Copyright Act" will have a portion which will make it possible for users to alter movie content for private viewing. This kind of service is already offered by some companies, and makes it possible for you to remove and alter content to make some media into what you think is suitable for your family to view.

A company known as ClearPlay already supplies such a service, but has consequently found itself being sued by eight Hollywood studios and the Director's Guild of America for copyright infringement. This new bill could change all that, and provide a much needed service for parents.

"This is tremendous news for ClearPlay and a real victory for families," CEO Bill Aho said in an official statement. "This ensures that parents will have the tools to control the movie content their families and children see in their own home. And it means ClearPlay has a clear path to more significant business-development opportunities."