Intel have been just desperate as hell for years now to get their hands on a copy of a 40-year-old issue of the journal Electronics, which contains the original publication of an article that has since become famous for winding up as becoming "Moore's Law." The article, penned by no less than Gordon Moore himself (also cofounder of microchip maker Intel), and has been missing from Intel's clutches for some time. David Clark of the UK was able to produce a copy of the journal, and get himself a cool US$10,000 in the process, after Intel started offering that sum for a pristine copy of the April 1965 issue.

The cash windfall means 57 year old David Clark's hoarding stand is vindicated. His wife used to nag him about his stash, but now he can give it back. Clark, an employee of Philips Electronics, plans to use the reward to help out at his daughters' weddings. "My hair started standing up, because I thought there was a very good chance I've got that," Clark told a local TV channel after his find.