The world of E-commerce has undergone a revolution because of XML, with expensive connections between companies being replaced with simple XML transactions. However, the technology is at risk from virus attacks, and a solution is needed. A proposal by Forum Systems Inc. and Computer Associates is to combine antivirus software for XML with firewall protection at the edge of the network. In doing this, the vendors hope to cut down on the threats that can occur, and to free XML to continue its work.

Forum Systems Inc. will integrate Computer Associates' eTrust Antivirus software with its Forum XWall Web Services Firewall to fight viruses, worms, and other malware entering networks via XML, Simple Object Access Protocol, and attachments.

The XWall firewall already has XML Intrusion Protection, WS-I Profile conformance, XML Schema Restriction, WSDL Access Control. It will include antivirus support. The new firewall filters and scans all XML traffic and Soap documents and their file attachments. CA's eTrust Security Adviser then sends antivirus signatures to the XWall.