Aiming to provide lower power consumption and better performance in future processors, Intel will be sending 65 nm chips into mass production by the end of this year. Intel sees no problems at all in its provision of these chips, and has also taken some steps to prepare a move from 300 to 450 mm wafers.

Intel [is] looking beyond the current chip production with 300 mm (12-inch) wafer technology, which is still in its early stages. Mass production of chips on 300 mm silicon platters was launched in 2001 and currently accounts for about 20 percent of global chip output, according to figures released by Gartner. The research firm does not expect 300 mm wafers to become mainstream before 2009. Still, Intel is likely to introduce the next generation wafer shortly thereafter. According to Bohr, Intel is in early-stage talks to plan production on 450 mm wafers. A transition could be expected for the timeframe of 2011 / 2012 and beyond the production of 32 nm chips.