Its just possible that the next generation Xbox (that Microsoft is telling us is going to smash Sony's offerings) may well come with built in wireless capabilities. An integrated wireless networking solution would make connecting to an existing home network, or playing games with a friend an easy matter.

"On my Xbox, I want to be able to listen to that music in that living room, I want to be able to call up those photos." - Bill Gates.

By all accounts, the new Xbox has a user interface that is similar to Microsoft's "media center" PC software. The new console, code-named "Xenon," will let users store and play music and photos like a home computer. Microsoft has the dream of providing the first real digital entertainment hub for the home. The question is which device is the hub, the PC, or the next generation Xbox? Is the Xbox destined to be at the heart of everything, or merely a satellite device, communicating with a larger, more powerful system? Certainly, it's no secret that Microsoft has big plans and mighty hopes for this new Xbox.