The MPAA, who are activity engaged in attempting to identify and then sue individuals they have alleged to have shared their film and TV contents illegally, have made good on their promise to summon British suspects to appear before the US District Court of New Jersey. Kevin Reid and Ian Hawthorne have received a summons over their website, which links to BitTorrent content. However, US laws stop short of actually enforcing this summons.

US law does not reach as far as the UK, and even if the US Court views Reid and Hawthorne's refusal to answer the summons in a harsh light, there's little it can do about it. Should the two Brits visit New Jersey, they might possibly run into trouble, but they may well be free to visit other states of the Union safe from harassment from Motion Picture Ass. of America-member lawyers.

Reid and Hawthorne continue to maintain that their actions were and are lawful under UK law, and that their use of BitTorrent was entirely legal. They say that have removed any links to illegal content from their servers.