Following on from its release of its user level desktop search tool, Google has made a version of the software available that is more suitable for the workplace, it has been revealed. "Google Desktop Search for the Enterprise" can be downloaded here, and is designed to let users find information stored in their PCs, such as e-mail messages, word-processsing documents, spreadsheet files and photos. This new version of the software differs from the consumer level one in that it has a series of installation, distribution, management and security features for IT departments to use when rolling out and configuring the product for their users. This means, for example, that user data can be encrypted, and there are tools for rolling the software out onto an entire enterprise with relative ease. The tool also supports creating different indices in a machine that is used by different people, and protecting those indices so that they are only accessible to their owners.

Google Desktop Search for Enterprise helps you easily manage the ever-growing mountain of information located on your computers and includes key standards-based administrator features that provide enhanced security, centralized configuration and easy company-wide deployment. Perhaps best of all---it's free.