Google, who seem intent on becoming the next Yahoo, have expanded their services once again. This time, they have created a service whereby users can make a customized web-page instead of the simple Google home-page. All they have to do is visit this page and they will be able to access their gmail, as well as Google News, weather updates, stock-alerts and also RSS feeds from other sites. The move should help to position Google as a serious contender in the portal market, alongside the likes of Yahoo and MSN.

Analysts see this latest move by Google as an attempt to expand its market and broach on territories of Yahoo & MSN by offering more services like email, news and personalized pages while at the same time, Yahoo & MSN are stepping their stake in search market by launching revamped search services.

While some analysts are not agreeing to the latest move by Google saying that these all latest moves will cloud the brand image of Google and may impact its leadership in search business but Internet experts believe otherwise.