Why has Microsoft released the Xbox 360 before Sony releases the PS3? Why has the specification for the new Xbox been so increased from the original? How could Blu-Ray affect the new Xbox? Is the new Xbox almost like a PC? How many games are on their way?

These questions and much more are answered by gamesindustry.biz in their article on Microsoft's Gameplan: What They Are Doing and Why. Discover how developers viewed the original version of the console, and how that reaction has shaped the new one. Find out all about how you can play music, watch photos, and view videos on the new Xbox 360. All this and many more questions are answered.

Q: How many games are in the works?
A: Peter Moore, corporate vice president at Microsoft, says there will be 25 to 30 launch titles this fall (within 45 days of the launch) and there are 160 games in the works. Confirmed titles include Microsoft's Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero. Others include Epic's Gears of War, Activision's Call of Duty 2, Take-Two's NBA2K6 and Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 3. There are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft will refashion Halo 2 to run on the Xbox 360. Game developers have had software development kits for over a year, and Microsoft has shipped more than 4,000 development kits.