Tired of using iTunes? A new plug-in developed by a student from Cambridge University allows iPod users to use Winamp instead. The ml_iPod plug-in is the work of Will Fisher, who claims he developed the software after buying an iPod and finding difficulties integrating it with his old WinAmp managed files. He now claims that the software is "a little better than iTunes" and that it allows you to copy music from an iPod to a computer, complete with a DRM removal tool that allows you to remove DRM on the fly. We're impressed.

Will adds that he believes in the "fair-use" reasons for using the ml_iPod plug-in. "The point is that there are plenty of things you can do with it that aren't illegal. I trust my users to use ml_iPod responsibly and not steal music," he said.

The Winamp iPod plugin works with all kinds of iPod, from the first-generation, to the iPod shuffle and the latest models.

You can download the plug-in here.