Previously expected to be with us in about two weeks time, the BitTorrent Search Engine is now available. Just try it and see! BitTorrent files from a variety of sources are accessible. Searches are a little bit slow right now, probably due to the popularity of the site, which is just what everyone has been waiting for.

But the real question is... how long will it stay up for? Despite the number of legal uses for BitTorrent, which includes distribution of software such as Linux and Mozilla, how long will it be before the RIAA and MPAA set their sites on it? Would BitTorrent survive the legal action that might ensue? Or would it go the same way as Bitoogle, Isohunt, SuprNova or Torrentspy?

This comes at a time where key BitTorrent hosts are being raided, in this case a P2P network known as Elite Torrents, who are alleged to be involved in the illegal distribution of more than 17,800 titles - including movies and software. A similar crackdown was launched recently when "Star Wars Episode II: Revenge of the Sith" became available for download hours before the theatrical release.