Dell's gaming PC Dimension XPS Gen 5 now has the storage potential of up to 1.5 TByte, thanks to a recent upgrade to the product line which allows for an option of installing SATA II hard drives. Up to three drives are permitted, allowing for the 1.5 TByte capacity. The desktop PC range represents the first PC from a major vendor that offers 500 GByte SATA II hard drives.

The PC comes standard with a Pentium 4 640 (3.2 GHz) processor and is priced from just under $2000. Options include a dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition, up to 4 GByte DDR2-667 memory, and a choice of a 256 MByte GeForce 6800 or a 256 MByte ATI X850 XT PE graphics card. SLI capability is not offered. Reasonably equipped, a XPS Gen 5 will easily hit the $5000 mark, a monitor and a few goodies will push the price above $6500.