Red Hat is to launch Red Hat Directory Server - a low cost, standards-based Directory Server alternative. The technology behind the server is based on assets acquired by Red Hat from the Netscape Security Solutions division of America Online last September. It has been developed as an integrated, secure solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the HP-UX 11i operating environment on HP Integrity and HP 9000 servers, and Solaris systems. It is available using the same annual subscription model as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

"With Red Hat Directory Server, we are offering the core components of a full identity and security management infrastructure. By open sourcing it to the Fedora Project on the same day of its release, we have reiterated our commitment to the community." - Javed Tapia, director, Red Hat India.

The company has also announced the Red Hat Certificate Management System, which will allow customers to manage user identities, provide single sign-on and token management using X.509 certificates, LDAP and PKI security technologies. When paired with the new Directory Server, Red Hat will be able to more easily compete with solutions from Novell, Sun and Microsoft.