Samsung has revealed that its latest X20 series laptops will include MIMO Wi-Fi technology, based on Airgo's True MIMO chipset. Enhanced wireless performance will be enabled through multiple wireless streams on a single channel using two or more antennas. Speeds of up to 108Mbps are possible, according to Airgo.

K.H. Uhm, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung, said, "Given their significant technology lead, Airgo's True MIMO is the best fit for embedded wireless in our new high performance Samsung X20 laptops. Together, we are enabling the mobile office by offering a standards-based platform with wireless connectivity that outperforms all other embedded solutions on the market."

IEEE is still debating whether MIMO will make it into the new 802.11n standard. The technology does seem appealing when you consider that if MIMO is on both ends of the connection, the transfer speeds can approach several hundred megabits per second.