It has been revealed that Intel's Yonah dual-core notebook processors will carry a similar price to 700-series Pentium M processors. Yonah is expected to be entering production late in 2005, and will be equipped with 2 MByte shared L2 cache, as well as a shared bus architecture. It will carry 151.6 million transistors, and integrates a 667 MHz front side bus. Yonah also uses a revamped architecture that combines two execution cores on one piece of silicon.

Additionally, Yonah is also slated to be the central processor for the next generation of Intel based Apple machines, which should be appearing in 2006.

The X-series Yonah processors will be part of Intel's Napa dual-core notebook platform, which is also expected to hit the market in the first quarter of next year, and will represent Intel's transition from 90nm technology to 65nm. In addition, the Napa notebook architecture will be the basis for Intel's digital home products.

In related news, the chip giant is scheduled to cut the prices of its 700-series Pentium M processors on July 24.