Hoping you were going to be able to run Mac OS X on your PC now that Apple are moving to Intel? Well, it's not looking likely. Apple may well be looking to utilise the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip in their machines to ensure that Mac OS X is only ran on true Apple hardware. The TPM chip, which a unique identifier code, could easily be used to help Mac OS X identify if it is running on a real Mac or not. If not, then it will not boot, plain and simple.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment for this story, saying that the company it is not yet ready to reveal product specifications.

A spokeswoman for the TPG confirmed to vnunet.com that there is nothing preventing Apple from implementing the module.

Vendors of enterprise desktop and laptop computers, including Dell, HP and IBM/Lenovo, are already using the TPM. IBM, for instance, uses the chip securely to store user passwords and encrypt the contents of the hard drive.