Nokia has unveiled four new slide phones and two new folding phones. Launched today, the several new models included a 3G-enabled Nokia 6280 for WCDMA markets, the 6060 and 2255 folding phones and much more. Nokia feel they have a good range of designs, offering something for everyone. The Nokia 6280, for example, brings video sharing and video calls to its capabilities, whereas the Nokia 6111 is a sophisticated slide phone.

"Today's launches showcase Nokia's commitment to offer consumers easy-to-use mobile phones in a variety of desirable designs - regardless of cellular technology," explains Kai Oistamo, Senior Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "Whether it features WCDMA, GSM or CDMA internal circuitry, or whether it offers mobile music, mobile photography or 3G services, a handset must be easy to use in order to bring tangible benefits to consumers. Simplicity is the key for technology to enrich peoples' lives."