Everio G series palm-size camcorders from JVC will be on sale in the US as from August. These camcorders are equipped with hard-disk drives, and consist of the GZ-MG30 and GZ-MG50, which have 30GB drives, and the GZ-MG20 and GZ-MG40, with 20GB drives. The camcorders record MPEG-2 format video at 9Mbps (bits per second), and can store 7 hours of that format on the 30 GB models and 4.5 hours on the 20 GB models. There are, of course, differing quality settings. The camcorders also, in the case of the GZ-MG40 and GZ-MG50 models, come with 1.33-megapixel CCDs (charge-coupled devices) that will allow digital still shooting at resolutions of up to 1152 pixels by 864 pixels.