Deutsche Telecom, Wanadoo and AOL seemingly are the world's top three offenders for harboring infected PCs, according to studies by Prolexic, a provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) solutions and other security products. They have been studying stats taken from real DDoS attacks spanning over six months, and have come to the conclusion that AOL is the most infected network on the Internet.

DDoS attacks are coordinated by cyber terrorists, who place malicious viruses onto computers of unsuspecting broadband Latest News about Broadband users, says Prolexic. When the attack is triggered these infected PCs become controlled by the cyber terrorist and simultaneously "flood" a network with fake packets, preventing legitimate traffic from accessing a system.

The report also highlighted a significant change in the way DDoS attacks are being coordinated. Attacks are now focusing less on Layer-3 TCP and have shifted focus to hone in on the weakness of DDoS mitigation devices.